Online Coaching

Why Choose Me?

I've been where you are, struggling to know how to feel good about myself, to make progress, and to get stronger without having to sacrifice my social life or give up the foods I love

What's special about my coaching?

- A monthly video call to find out how you're feeling, are you enjoying the programme and nutrition plan, do you need any additional support

- Send videos of your exercises to get in-depth feedback on your form to maximise progress

- A coach who understands that life is busy, whether it be work commitments or children, your programme will be designed to specifically fit your lifestyle

- No fad diets, crazy restrictions or overly intense exercise regimes. My goal is for you to fall in love with the process

What's Involved? 

- A training programme tailored to you and your goals

- Video demonstrations of every exercise

- Weekly Check-Ins and feedback

- Fully Integrated App

- Calorie and Macro Targets, Meal Ideas and general nutrition support 

- 24/7 Whatsapp Support  

- Accountability and support from a coach who really cares

To Book A Consultation

Fill in your details below to find out more and/or receive the questionnaire to start your set up. You can also send any questions via my instagram @nicoladaletraining

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What's Does it Cost? 

£125 per month, minimum 3 months

*after 3 months it's 1 months notice to cancel