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10 Workouts to try this Winter

The cold, rainy days of winter can make finding motivation to work out harder. You’re not alone in feeling like you rather cosy up on the sofa than getting up and going. That’s why it’s even more important to find something you enjoy doing and set yourself some goals to keep moving.

Here are 10 Workouts to try this Winter:

1. Adult Gymnastics – No it’s not just for kids. Lots of gymnastic clubs now run adult groups which welcome all levels. It’s a fantastic way to develop a new skill, increase strength, mobility and flexibility and have a laugh with the other adults in the group. Just pop onto google and find the one nearest to you.

2 girls practicing gymnastics on beams

2. Fartlek Running – Everyone seemed to become a runner during lockdown and this style is one way to switch it up and keep it interesting, whilst working on your endurance and speed. Fartlek is Swedish for ‘Speed Play’. It’s really simple. You just pick a landmark ahead of you and run as fast as you can to it. You then walk or jog until you’ve recovered and repeat the process. It’s like a less structured version of intervals where you can play around with speed, distance and time spent running based on however you’re feeling that day.

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3. Climbing – Indoor climbing walls have picked up in popularity recently meaning you can find them in most local areas. Don’t underestimate the strength and skill it takes to climb these walls and most centres have different levels so there’s always something harder to strive for.

4. Grab a friend and a couple of rackets and go have a game of Tennis. Planning exercise with someone else is great as you can hold each other accountable and have a laugh whilst you’re doing it, making it feel less like work and more like a social outing. You don’t need to be good at it, just try your hardest and have fun.

5. Challenge yourself with an AMRAP. AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds as Possible, and is a great way for setting a competition against yourself or your friends. You choose a selection of exercises (i.e. 10 Push Ups, 8 Jump Squats, 8 Burpees & 20 Mountain Climbers) and set a timer for however long you like (say 15mins). The aim is to complete the circuit as many times as possible in that time. Keep note of it then try and beat it, or see who can do the most out of your friends. A little friendly competition is great for driving motivation.

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6. Go for a hike. England is full of beautiful countryside to explore and just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it. Wrap up warm and spend the day exploring a new area by foot. You can even plan a route which ends at a pub and get a hot drink to warm up after.

Female in a pilates stretch.

7. Pilates – A recent new favourite of mine, don’t underestimate how effective just using your bodyweight can be. Focusing on alignment, mobility and strength Pilates is both hard work and calming at the same time. I recommend trying one of Lottie Murphy’s videos if you’d like to give it ago but also have a search for in person Pilates Classes near you to get the full experience.

8. Swimming is a great full body workout that’s low impact meaning you can still swim if you’ve got any aches or niggles or a previous injury (please always get medical advice before partaking in any exercise with an injury). You can join an adults swimming lesson or just book a slot at your local pool and go yourself or with friends.

9. Loving your home workout but want to up the intensity? Get yourself a TRX strap or Resistance Band. Both are super versatile, inexpensive and give you the option to try an abundance of new exercises. Instagram and YouTube are great sources for finding exercising to try, just make sure you’re learning from reputable, qualified trainers who know what they’re talking about.

10. Dance Class - As with gymnastics it’s not just for kids and your ability doesn’t matter. If you’re feeling nervous get a friend to go with you. Dance is all about having fun, expressing yourself and making friends. So, find a local class and just get involved.

Have you got any other workouts you’d like to try this winter?

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