Client Testimonials

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From previous gym experiences I had some hesitations as I naively thought we'd jump into loads of difficult exercises which I'd struggle to do and keep up with. I expected to go from 0-100 as soon as we started. But you took the time to assess my current levels of fitness and give me a good foundation of all the basic movements before anything else. Seems obvious now but previous bad experiences had given me some preconceptions.

Comparing my successes in the past 6 months to my one original goal of just losing weight has made me feel more fulfilled. Finally, I've realised that fitness isn't just about getting lean. I've found exercises I enjoy and my mindset has changed. 


I was quite nervous as to what to expect as I hadn't ever had a PT before.  But you made me feel super calm about the process, understanding where I was at now and just generally chatting made me feel a lot more at ease! Since starting I've thought more about protein in mealtimes, my daily steps are getting better and I've improved my press-up form. I've definitely gained a lot more confidence to get back into the gym now they're open and I feel so much more prepared for what to do while I'm there! Thank you so much.


Nicola’s workouts have kept me going during lockdown. She is encouraging, inclusive & I can feel myself truly improving from session to session. I’ve recently starting having private morning sessions with her & my best friend, which are amazing! Completely tailored to us, this training has helped our self confidence grow so much already. I can’t recommend enough!


Nicola's class was the perfect way to start my day. I felt energised and like I worked every muscle in my body. She's great at reworking specific exercises for anyone with injuries and for any individual advice on your own fitness goals. 


The sessions are the right level of challenge and I feel great after every workout. I enjoy moving to the music and the variation between sessions and having a mixture of cardio and core etc...


I really enjoyed all my classes with Nic! Brilliant work outs and great fun. So professional and classes are so varied every time. Would definitely recommend!


Before starting with Nicola, I was worried about not knowing the exercises she was going to ask me to do or not feeling comfortable doing them. I am a newbie to the gym and was previously extremely guilty of spending all my time on the cardio machines and shying away from anything else.  Since starting I have increased my arm strength, starting from never lifting weights to now using weights with every exercise. I have increased my understanding of how to successfully workout. I understand more about nutrition, am more focused on getting the right amount of protein and I feel more motivated to work hard at the gym and achieve my goals


Nicola's check ins are great and really help to keep up the motivation. She sends a text midweek to see how the workouts are going and to answer any questions, followed by a more detailed check in on the Saturday, which she uses to plan the workouts for the next week. She is also super approachable at anytime if you have a question and no questions are stupid! I really couldn't ask for a more supportive coach.


I can't thank you enough for the support and guidance you have given me with my training. I have a completely new mindset and feel much more confident in myself. I am so pleased I took the chance to start working with you, it has been worth every penny! 


I’ve attended Nicola’s classes since she started her group sessions and they are brilliant! Nicola is so enthusiastic and shows us how to do each exercise ensuring that all levels can do it. As a beginner in the fitness world she’s really helped grow my strength and before I used to really struggle doing squats and now I can do it so easily! Thank you Nicola


Nicola listens to feedback to create a tailored programme, which is challenging, yet with achievable goals. She’s a very encouraging trainer and I’ve enjoyed all my sessions. Outside of the programming, she’s also shared helpful resources about nutrition, stretching and proper form to help me further achieve my goals. She’s really helped me improve my confidence as well as my fitness levels.